Halloween 2007

Anyone else feeling completely apathetic about Halloween this year? I honestly couldn’t care less about it, and was considing hiding in the basement with all the lights out and pretending I wasn’t home tomorrow night. Or better, go out somewhere so I didn’t have to pretend to be home.

Last year the number of kids was OK, but the ratio of teens with lame (or no) costumes and a “just gimme some candy dude” attitude to little kids in cute costumes was way off. And each time the doorbell rang you’ve gotta get up from whatever, go to the door, figure out how much candy to dole out, considering historical trends, amount of remaining candy, number of kids, etc, then go sit back down and wait for a minute, or 5, or 10, or 30 seconds till the next batch. Then end up with a box of candy sitting in the pantry a year later (it doesn’t keep BTW) because I didn’t properly calculate the aforementioned historical trending of kids to hour of the night.