Welcome to Autumn

Based on the weather it’s been fall for a while now, so things are fairly “slump-y”. Other than moving furniture around in the office a bit, and the daily grind to and from work, over and over again, life is stunningly, boringly, normal in all respects. I’ve still got contract work that comes, gets done, then just as it’s getting done, something new comes along. The extra money is nice of course, but it gives me a creepy feeling that it’ll never, ever be done. And when it is done, there’s housework (and anyone who has a house knows that’s never done), and if not the housework, the bills, the receipts and bank reconciliations for my company, and if not that, something else. Bleah.

A bunch of games and game demos have come out recently. I’m currently getting my ass handed to me in Portal, Team Fortress 2, Unreal Tournament 3 Demo, and Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, all the while avoiding finishing Half Life 2 so I can play the Episode 1 and 2 addons.

Work. Meh.

The Monday and Friday I took off, giving me a three day week, meh. The first long weekend was spent mostly working, the rest in the rain. I can only guess that if the following weekend is nice then I’ll get to spend it cleaning out the gutters or some such.

Need time for photography. Need inspiration to get off my ass and do something.

General. Meh.

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