Adventures in EB Games

Today Enemy Territory: Quake Wars was released, and I was meeting an old buddy from high school after work in Gastown, so I figured I?d pick it up. I have been playing on the beta test, and then the public beta, and enjoying it quite a bit, so I figured that I?d support iD and Splash Damage a bit and buy the game. I ended up at the EB Games in Pacific Center. It was quite an experience.

First of all, all the marketing stuff they say is true. The ?Special Edition? was just below eye level for $59.00, the normal edition was literally at the very top of the rack just out of my reach (tippy toes were used) for $49.99. Then there was the lineup. There were two people at the till (I think) and on person in line ahead of me, and yet it still somehow took me 10 minutes to pay.

The main guy at the till was? ?interesting? to say the least. A big guy, but he also looked pregnant (not that my gut is anything to brag about of course). He had ?sleeve? tattoos, those huge ear stretching rings (you could fit a fist through I think), and a haircut/color that all I can describe was ?didn?t fit with the rest of him?. I don?t know how to say it better than that. He was ignoring the crazy lady with the Tim Horton?s coffee talking to nobody at least.

After I had finally paid for everything I passed by either a very ugly lady or a very ugly transvestite. Sorry, just sayin?.

I got my game though at least, hope I get to play sometime in the next few days, too, things have been busy lately.

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