Some Complaints about Heroes Season 2, Episode 2

Couple of quick things….

  • Some funky story lines… there seem to be about 30 simultaneous storylines. Well, maybe not that many, but way more (I think) than season 1. They have the potential to try to do too much with all the characters at once.
  • Inconsistencies with Hiro’s abilities. He is stuck in the past, unable to control his time shifting ability enough to get his butt back to modern day (correcting history aside), but does have enough control to disarm samurai, steal swords and bows, and so on. That sounds to me like a fair degree of control to me.

Regardless, I don’t have much of a choice in this season, and while I haven’t been sucked in as quickly as last season, I have enough time invested in the series it doesn’t make any sense to stop 🙂

2 Comments on “Some Complaints about Heroes Season 2, Episode 2”

  1. I think Hiro hasn’t lost his abilities, nor is he stuck in the past. I think that his fear of fscking up the future has got the better of him, and he’s decided that it’s his job to ensure that Kinsei becomes the hero of the legends. I had expected the writers to lose the white guy and have Hiro take on the role of Kinsei though.

  2. Heroes has become… almost awful. I’ve found that I watch each episode out of obligation or some desperate hope that things will turn around. Mostly I just want to watch the Hiro storyline and suffer through the rest. At least Hiro is in a beautiful place where people know how to shoot using hyperbole in cinematography.
    Then there was that episode (#3 maybe?) where Hiro was not included AT. ALL. I was so mad when it ended.
    I wonder how long I’ll keep watching. Probably forever.
    Sorry, I’ve been wanting to commiserate about this for a while now, but nobody I know seems to watch it.