Searching for Domain Names

I had an inspiration to create a less-personal (but still personal) tech-oriented blog, kinda a Scoble-like thing, but with more of an Alan-esque twist. Basically this, but without the random long posts about things that no one but me cares about 🙂

Though about something like techno blog, techno geek blog, geek blog, something like that and started hunting for domain names. It’s funny, pretty much everything I tried (admittedly only about 5-10 in the vein) was either taken, a redirect to something totally different ( ends up at some place selling cams for freezers, or chili, one of the two) or are (ugh) domain squatters.

This made me think of college around 1993 or 1994, just when the net was coming into it’s own, with Josh and a couple of the guys in one of my classes (the excruciatingly boring database one I think) going through and putting random sexual domain names (,,, that sort of thing) in to see a) if they were taken and b) how crazy we could get before a domain wouldn’t show up. Even 15 years ago we could get pretty crazy before we’d get domains not found. That was before the age of domain squatters too…. if only we’d know we could buy and hold before selling it for top dollar.

Some days I really miss the innocence of the web at the start. I remember when all my favorite ftp sites were bookmarked in my brain… Of course, part of the great thing about innocence is you don’t know it’s an age of innocence. Ah, so where’s my time machine?

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