Yet More Kitten Pics (8 Days)

You know the drill by now…. this time though, eyes open! These are mostly for $coworker Mike who is very demanding of the cuteness šŸ™‚

Eyes open and inquiring!

Click below for 6 more…

Update: Played around a bit in iMovie and made this video for your enjoyment.

Mom and baby

Look at the tongue!

OMG Look at the tongue!!!

Damn paparazzi….

A candidate for the Cats n Racks category at Cute Overload?

Another Kitten in hand shot.

One Comment on “Yet More Kitten Pics (8 Days)”

  1. Extra cute!
    Got here safely and are enjoying the hot sun, not too hot though but have to be careful, it sneaks up and burns. Place is OK but not famous, and food is fuel not gourmet. Two stars plus, a nice break.
    Love to all, hope scamp is behaving, Dad and Mom