Why Do People Like Summer?

In this week’s heat wave I am really wondering what all the hype about this “summer” thing is? I can’t sleep at night because it’s boiling hot, when I do wake up my allergies almost immediately start bugging me, and heaven help me if I go outside at all…. if I take my crappy and ineffective allergy meds and do make it outside I’m immediately alit upon by about 30 blood sucking mosquitoes, meaning that when I go back inside to hide with the air conditioning and fans (which only do so much against the 32+ heat) I’m itchy and my arms and legs look like I have some sort of horrible rash.

If I hide from the mosquitoes and heat by going for a drive in the car with the windows down, then it’s just like having someone blow hot air on my face instead of the non-moving hot air in the house.

Bah, humbug.

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