Attack of Spider-Zilla

Noticed what (to me) is a huge spider outside the back door, positioned very nicely for a little photo shoot. I called him Spider-Zilla or Spidersaurus Rex. Oh, and he’s not that big compared to “real” spiders, but viewing the images at 1:1 zoom on my monitor? Freaky eyes. Cool that I was able to get them though, that’s the first time I’ve had the luck/lens/huge arachnid to get me close enough to see eyes. Still, not bad for a boring household spider no?

Nothing special, camera on a tripod, lowest ISO possible for the best quality, 2 second delay for the least shake, my flash on camera (by the time I got it into wireless mode he had gotten tired of me and decided to go hide up in the beams). Here’s another one to help you sleep at night.