My Hardware is Mocking Me

My PS3 all of a sudden started acting up (where “acting up” means “shows nothing on the screen”). Tried different cables, different HDMI ports, and waiting for a day in case it decided to magically fix itself, but no go. After a week I took it down the road to plug it into someone else’s HDTV to see if it was the PS3 or the TV. I expected nothing less than complete failure, letting me send the PS3 away to Sony to fix it.

And it worked perfectly. Grrr…. OK, must have fixed itself over the week of sitting. Bring it back home and…

Same exact thing. brain explodes

Next step is to bring someone else’s PS3 in and see if a working PS3 will suddenly stop working on my TV or if it is indeed my TV. Luckily while I was screaming and raving about technology and how it hates me, I started poking into the TV menus and after twiddling a couple of knobs, all of a sudden it magically started working. Wooo!