Where I’ve Been Lately

Yea, yea, dead blog that has only 3 readers.   Not completely dead, I’ve been feeling more guilty as time goes on and I don’t update, or at least point to where I am actually doing stuff.  Basically now that I’ve been working at Left of the Dot and my commute went down by about 2 hours a day I’ve been able to ramp up my photography business (well, “business” not in the terms of making any money, more “business” in the sense of taking up extra time (and being damn fun)). So you can go over and check out the Bailward Photography.com site and see the site, or check out the Bailward Photography Blog to see various pictures of mostly cute young ladies (hopefully) nicely lit up and posed. I’m trying to create a bit more “real content” there in terms of capturing what I’ve been doing in moving from amateur photographer to slightly-above amateur photographer.

I’ve also been (kinda) active over on twitter if you want to check me out at @alanbailward. Not much of interest there for the most part, but random tweets about photography and related things.

If you’re interested in hiring me of course, or paying me gobs of money to take pictures of you, your family, friends, or more young ladies, feel free to let me know 🙂

Other than that, changing jobs, and having a horrible trip to Edmonton involving moving a horribly disorganized person up there, 32 hours in the hospital (don’t ask), and breaking the truck we were driving back in on the Coquihalla, in a no cell service area at 1am, things have been pretty much status quo.

So hit the new blog, I will update here if anything interesting, it’ll come here, eventually.

Ok, now I feel better.