Day Two At the New Job

Well, this morning marked the second day, and start of the first “real” week of work at my new job at Left of the Dot.  So far so good, though not without some griping and minor failures on my part.  The latter mostly came this morning.  See, right now I have no shower (another long story there for another post) so my brilliant plan has been to wake up in the morning the same time I did for the old job (with the earlier starting time), go to the gym (yay fitness), shower there, then catch the later train out and show up in the office at the required time, everything happy happy.

So this morning I got into a panic at the gym seeing that I was majorly late, and raced like a maniac to shower and get home, then back down to the train station just in time to catch the train, only to realize (after some time I’m ashamed to admit) that I had taken the train in that I did normally, which got me into Vancouver an hour and a half earlier than I need to.  I guess my brain is so programmed to be at the train station at a certain time that it needs some serious re-training to get my timing down with the new schedule.

The rest of it is good so far.  There was the “getting to know you” and “here’s how stuff works” day, and now we’re getting to the point that myself and the two other newbies are able to start looking at how to get some actual work done.  Exciting and new.

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