Linux Counter Entry, 1999

Hows this for a blast from the past:

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Your record was created: 1999-04-23 05:07:09
Person info last modified: 2006-03-12 08:33:53
name: Alan
usage: Home, work
started: 1998
//MACHINE 52939
cpu: Pentium 75
# Interpreted as Pentium/75
disk: 2000
memory: 48
network: Ethernet
distribution: Debian
country: CA
accounts: 3
users: 1
purpose: WWW server, File server
# Interpreted as File server, WWW server
sysclass: workstation
mailer: smail, Smail

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Wow, P75 with 48mb of RAM and a 2G hard drive, that’s some smoking machine. Course, that 1999 entry was created a good 5 years after I started using Linux.