A New Start To The Blog

The last real post that I made here was in 2015, so this has been a long time coming. In the past four years or so I’ve diversified my online personal sharing onto other platforms like facebook and instagram, and the blog has fallen by the wayside. Lately I’ve become a bit disallused with with Facebook (especially after their various privacy issues recently), and have been posting there less privacy issues recently), and have been posting there less. Unfortunately that’s the place where my friends and family are, and really, who reads personal blogs anymore, much less uses an RSS Reader? Other than me I mean.

Boy train worker or apprentice waiting for the train

In disappearing from old school blogging, I’ve moved myself into the following places that you can find more of me:

  • BailwardPhotography.com – My main photography blog. Mostly people photos and cool concepts.
  • BailwardWeddings.com – My wedding photography blog, weddings unsurprisingly.
  • Instagram – @alanbailward – This is photography, my boudoir business account (possibly not safe for work).
  • Instagram – @abbotsfordweddingphotography – More photography, this is my wedding photography business account
  • Instagram – @bailwardphotography – This is the more general “people” photography, concept stuff, women in cool makeup, musicians, that sort of thing.

You’ll notice nowhere there is there anything for personal work. Photos of cats, the family, stories about travel, rants… that sort of thing. Related very closely to this is that in the next few days I’m going to be travelling to a couple of very exciting places, the big one being Kenya. I want to make sure that I can share cool photos and any stories about what’s going on.

So my plan is to post those here, and then post links to this blog to Facebook, Instagram, etc, so that I get to use my own space for sharing, but I can still reach people.

Honestly most of this post was just about making sure that the blog was still up and running and to let me play around with the new wordpress theme to make sure it looked decent.

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