The last post here was 8 months ago. Before that it was 2 years.

Back in the day I used to love writing a blog. Back then it was me writing for a specific group of people (probably in reality it was much smaller than I imagined). Sharing geeky stuff, writing up complex thoughts that I suspect no one cared about.

Back then I had no care about SEO, amazon affiliate links, any of that stuff. I enjoyed having a blog, not making a ”site”. I’ve been journaling lately with Day One and have put myself up to a 30 day streak challenge. I’ve adopted a bit of the daily wrap up format that lets me not have to make multiple individual entries. One for work, one for a photo of a cat, etc.

So I figured hell, why not just move some of that back to the blog. I’m going to make the assumption that no one is reading this anymore. The world has moved past RSS, my old cohort of UFies has pretty much disappeared, but I want to do this for me to have fun on the internet again. I might send a link off to to my twitter to see if anyone comes by, but who knows. Hopefully I’ll keep this up again like I did back in the day.

So if you’re here. Cool, thanks for visiting.

Here’s a photo of a puppy to keep your attention though.

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