Note to Self

Home Rack Idea

The Ikea Hacker blog has an interesting idea for a server in your living room. I’m not so hot on the “in your living room” as much as the idea for the cabinet which would look moderately nice (I do have access to a “real” rack but have yet to bring it home due to

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Pure Pwnage

Funny video series about what it’s like to be a “serious gamer”. Pure Pwnage – Episodes, bittorrent available as well. I’ve watched the latest episode and it amused me greatly. Now they just need it set up in a video podcast via bittorrent 🙂

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All About Xen

Linux has a article on Xen, a virtualization system similar to user mode linux, which I did a report on a while back. Xen is used by Unixshell, a company that provides web hosting on virtual machines (no affiliation with them, just noting they use the same tech). Here’s a link to some Xen multi-distros-running-all-at-once

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