The Anit-Poet
I don't claim to be a poet, nor do I want to be one. I don't even feel that I am that good at it, regardless of the complements I have recieved.

But when my mind explodes in images and half forgotten memories, or some ancient emotion, I write. I write to save myself. I don't write to impress people, or to woo. I write when I need to get something out of my head. Sometimes it ends up here. Or on paper. Or crushed down into my soul to be brought out some other time.

To make the images in my head come alive. To tame the images in my head, when my mind starts to spin and I think I'm going to go crazy.

If someone reads these,and likes them or thinks they are good, that's great, and that makes me happy. It's good to know that I have let someone, no matter how anonymous, know me a little more.

Below are the poems that I have written that I feel can be displayed to the world. I hope you enjoy them.


Trying To Sleep
Don't Wish to Wake you
I should have danced
Remember me
The Poem
The Cape (Revisited)
No Matter What
The Cape
Ode To a Dreaming Princess
This World
Ode to a Rose
Your Eyes

All work is, of course, Copywrite Alan Bailward
If you would like to use or reproduce any of my poems, feel free, as long as the author, (Me), is given Credit
(And I wouldn't mind hearing about it if you do :-) )