Well, more proof that Someone is out to get me. After a relativly hectic end to exams

and so on, I finished my xmas shopping today, went to a great movie (Tomorrow Never Dies (Bond)),

and had a relativly good day. Dropped a friend off and found my rear tire happily hissing away. Great.

So now instead of having a relaxing day tomorrow before heading to the folks for xmas eve, I’ll have to be

running around trying to get the tire fixed. Good luck finding a spot to park while waiting for them to

get to it. Bloody malls are hell, I’m surprised no one has snapped while xmas shopping and started ramming/shooting

or something. Good cheer and good will my ass, people are crazy.

Hmm… and due to xmas shopping I’m broke again. Wonderful. Just more confirmation that my life is indeed hell


Merry smegging Christmas folks

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