Have I mentioned I hate cars? Well, dropping my carpool off today, in
the timeit took for me to get from my parking lot to the school to drop
off an assignmentit broke. The connection from the pipe to the muffler
disapeared. Great. Idon’t know if this is something that requires justa weld, a new pipe, a newmuffler, or both. Either way I’m going to work
tomorrow at the normal time,with the windows rolled down so I don’t die
of carbon monoxide poisioning.

My car sounds much more manly today.

Too bad I didn’t want it to sound more manly.

Good thing I get paid
tomorrow, and that I’m getting full time now. I supposethat Fate(tm)
wouldn’t want me to have actually accumulated any money to keepin reserve
would it? Nooooo…. keep the money going outas fast as
it comes in no matter how much he makes!

And I’ll end
this update with an obligatory "Feh!"


More semi-interesting news and thoughts:

Got some clothes the other
day. I finally decided that wearing the same5 white work shirts that I’ve
worn the last 3 years or so was not so cool, so I went out and spent a lot
of money on some new pants, a couple niceshirts and a $30 tie. The results
of this are that I now have nice workclothes, date clothes shouldd the need ever arise again, and I look great. Factis that I’m now a virtual chick magnet (if not a literal one).

Or so the theory goes anyway 🙂

Interesting thing with the pants. They have some strange mechanism that I’mnot familiar with. To close them, not one but two buttons are needed, the secondone being on the inside. You have to close the inner button first, then theouter one. The way that the material the outer button is on is arranged
makes it a Bad Idea to only secure the second, outer button. I suppose that

Truncated due to a screw up 🙁

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