Well, another day goes by…

First of all, I spent a lot of the day assembling the new ufies.org server. Too bad it doesn’t work!
I don’t know what the problem is… the video card I got from the second hand
store was bust (grumble), but something else is wrong. It boots to the
first screen, but doesn’t do a memory check. I think it’s either the
motherboard, the cpu, or the ram. Tomorrow I’ll start swapping parts with
my main system to see what doesn’t work. Feh.

Well, today I took Iambe‘s
advice and asked someone out. I actually had a very nice coffee with a
salesgirl from the local staples. Too bad she’s dating her Economics prof.


On a much nicer note, I talked to a dear friend of mine now living in the UK
(wavetollau). She’s well, and busy, and I woke her up at 10am <g>
But I got to talk with her anyway. I’ll be going out there sometime this
spring/early summer, and I can’t wait. I need to get out
of here for a while.

Also, the peer2peer personals site (http://personals.ufies.userfriendly.org),
is going great. We have a lack of women looking for men, and an aboundance
of 20something men looking for women (gee, go figure), but things seem to
be going well. I’ve been making minor improvements to the site over the last
bit, keeping things up and going. Many thanks and kudos to Iambe for her
work getting the submissions in and updated.