Well, Star Wars Episode 1 rocked. There’s been a lot of talk on the net
lately about if it sucked, how it sucked, how it rocked, etc, and here is my
short and sweet review: Too many computer animated critters, amazing
lightsaber battles, good story, great lead in for Episode II. I say (to those
who disagree and say it sucked), just think about what the story is really
about, what it is setting up to happen, and what has to happen in the next 2
movies. In the wait between getting out of the 12:15am show and going into
the 3:30am show me and my buddy Cat5 talked about it and just sort of going
through what goes on between Episode I and IV made the movie a whole lot
better and made a whole lot more sense.

Ok, I’m going for that 8 hours of sleep tonight folks, I just had some stuff
to get out of my head before hitting the hay.

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