Well, had a great time with the gang down at the Irish Heather tonight…
things broke off a little early and I found myself in the strange position of
going home before it was tomorrow (today). Of course, I could have gone and
slept, but no, of course, not, that just wouldn’t be right.

So instead I went and played with layer masks again. There is a good tutorial
on them at http://webpedia.com/design/graphics/masterps/index4.html.
I tried to duplicate some of the stuff in there in the GIMP but their channel ops are not as mature
(you can’t copy a channel for example. I’ll throw it to one of the mailing
lists though, maybe some kind developer will take pity on me and add it in.

My yet-unstarted, yet soon to be awsome project of writing a version of HomeSite (which was
bought from it’s writer by Allaire and turned into a bloated POS) for X using
GTK and, thanks to this
I’ll actually be able to embed the netscape html rendering widget into the
application (writing my own HTML renderer is not something I want to do… esp
when my greatest GTK app yet is a box with a button that says “hello world”).
Anyway, it’s a matter of time. I finished up some work on a webpage I was contracted to
. Now before you laugh, the design is not mine, all I
did was reproduce what they wanted. Also it’s not done yet, so some of the
stuff that’s broken will be fixed soon. But it’s out of my court (finally) so
I can start working on some other projects.