Well, an eventful couple of days. I went hiking with my buddy Cat5 on
saturday, up to a place called Cascade Falls (up behind in the wilds of deep
Mission). The first part of the hike was bounding from boulder to boulder, in
the wonderful hot sun, truely a great day. After a bit (a km? 2? who knows)
though it became a little more technical, and involved climbing along the
edges, trying to avoid getting into the cold glacier water. A couple
of times we needed to walk in the water up to ankle depth. At the place
called First Pool I tried to scale along the side (I’m really happy that I had
my 5.10 approach shoes on). About halfway along the semi-vertical wall over a
pool of very cold looking water I got stuck. Couldn’t go forward. Discussing
it with neil (who, by the way looks a bit like Stef), we
decided that it would be better to go over to the other side, and cross
"down there " (indicating back around 30 feet). So I try to go
back. Now downclimbing is hard (think about trying to run the hurdles
backwards), but this is side to side climbing… should be easy right. Well,
after a bit I decided that I couldn’t so I dropped down into the water. Oh
man was it COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Many bad
words were said when I got my head above water again.

Anyway to make a long story short, we got wet, got to third pool, decided it
was too dangerous to go further without rope or similar safety stuff, and came
back, sunning ourselves on a large rock in the boiling sun on the way. An
awsome day.

Funnily enough I had 2 memorable dreams over the weekend. On Friday
night/Saturday morning I dreamt that Neil had called and wanted me to go
early, and meet him at 10:30 not 11:30, and that when we went hiking it was
bike riding above my old school up the road to the microwave tower…. and my
bike had a flat or something and there were these two kids there… or
something like that.

The other dream was related to a "making of" show for Star Wars: Episde 1. I dreamt I
was watching it and kept on being interrupted by the phone or people or
something… truely weird. The one neat thing I remember was showing a screw
up for a big huge jump stunt which appeared to be between walkways high above
nothingness… Obi-wan did the jump but came up short, and fell into….
water. The whole stunt was done just above a huge pool and when he fell he
just plunged into the water. Kinda interesting.