Urgh! Waiting for UPS sucks. Let me rant for a second or two about UPS. I ordered
Lokisoft‘s new game Civ:Call To Power (a port
from the windows version). I can’t really afford it, and it’s not my type of game,
but I want to support them to show that they can make money selling
games for Linux.

My latest project (after I did my random
User Friendly redirector
last night at 1am) is to play with GTK. The end
goal is to create a clone of Homesite,
done to about (hopefully) 2.5 level (after 2.5 and when HS got bought by
Allair it turned to a bloated pig).

Anyway, I spent the night a couple nights ago getting back into C/C++,
figuring out the signal handling and widget creation/use etc. Very fun stuff,
now to make it do something