So when I called them on wednesday, and spent a half hour on the phone with
some lady at the UPS office, giving them the new address to take the package
to (for the second time), it apparetnly didn’t get into the system. And when
I was given the assurance that the package would be delivered the
next day, they didn’t really mean that did they?

<pause for breath>

So as you can guess, I recieved no package yesturday. I called UP-fscking-S
this morning and asked about it, and the lady (Janine) gave me the “you’ll
have to give me the address again sir” routine, as she showed no such address
in the system. Nor did the confirmation # (given to me as proof that changes
etc went through) yeild anything in their system. Take a wild guess how long
it’ll be until they can get the package out? That’s right, you guessed it,
Monday. Am I going to be at home then? NO. Is there going
to be someone in the office then? NO. So if they actually get off their
lazy, incompetant ASSES and actually get my package to an address, there will
be no one there.

Please note, this has (or will have) taken over a week from the first time that a
single, tiny package showed up at my building to the time it’s
actually in my hands. I’m sorry, but that’s beyond ridiculous, it’s insane.
I think I’m going to go and pick up the package myself after work at the
office in Anisis Island. At least then I don’t have to worry about a bunch of
idiots trying to figure out how to do a simple fucking address change.


(I vote for a boycott).


Oh wait, they close at 5… that does me no good.

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