Happy 1 day belated birthday to Darren!

The party last night was great… K and Iambe’s parents house is awsome, and
there was enough food and drink there to feed an army… and enough singing to
fill a opera.

Gak. I have to get out and excersie again. With Keth here I haven’t ran or
worked out since the weekend. I am missing a day of climbing for a day of
Tour Guiding (not such a bad thing) as we’re heding around Vancouver and then
up to Squamish and Whistler (not to climb though 🙁 ). Keth will soon see the
wonderous city that is ours, and if she was impressed by the (boring, mundane)
drive from Vancouver to Abbotsford, I imagine she’ll have a hernia of some
sort on the trip up the Sea
to SKy
highway (not the best picture I know, but a good idea about what
it’s like).