Well, a bunch of stuff has happened lately, but lets start with just today.
My plans of a nice, relaxing sleep after taking Sillz around Vancouver last
night were foiled by a call from Iambe (who is forgiven) and then a call from
outside from roomiewife of “alan get out here!”. The stray cat (mentioned
earlier) was out there again and it’s eye was looking really bad. So I
figured why not and took it inside, called and made an appointment for the
vet, and with the help of Iambe, wandered out to the hospital. The cat was
mondo-mellow. Amazingly so. Hell, at one point it was sleeping at my feet in
the car! Anyway, $100, some shots and eyedrops later and I’ve adopted “Rex”.
Now the cat is sleeping in the chair (the significance to this being there is
a party going on here right now (roomie’s birthday)) and Corny is
…. uhmm… somewhere else. Probably hiding under the bed. They get along
quite well, some hissing and play fighting (well, Rex chasing Corny anyway)
but other than that no real aggression. So now I’m going to wait for roomie
and his friends to go to the strip club so I can veg in front of the TV, find
Corny, and relax a little.

In between now and the vet, Iambe came over and we vegged a little and watched
The Professional. I love the movie, she loved it to, but it played
with her mind 🙂 Just as the movie was finishing roomiewife and a
friend came in and we talked for a while. I never realized before how
different my world and theirs was. I spend time with a friend and a great
movie, watching it with an intellectual eye, and then we talk to the “other
world” and we talk about people beating each other up with baseball bats and
shovels. Hmm…..

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