The two cats seem to be getting along well. There was some hissing
and chasing to begin with, but now they touch noses, Corny
fights/plays back, and Rex is quite comfy sleeping in the chair, the
couch or the other chair or even the floor. I think he is just really
really happy to have a safe place to live personally. His eys is
getting better too, not dribbling discusting puss anymore, and while
not open any better, definatly looking better. He doesn’t invade the
bedroom/bed at night though, he probably understands that that is
Corny’s domain (and Corny has been sleeping beside me since he was a
tiny kitten so he’s got his human (that would be me) well marked out).

Just got back from seeing The Generals Daughter. My quicky
review is as follows:

The General’s Daughter was good I thought. The relationship between
Travolta and Stowe was a little corny. Haven’t we gotten over the “paired
up man and his X-gf” senarios? At least they didn’t end it with something
hugely corny like them getting back togeather or saying “why don’t we give
it another shot” or something. K had issues with the dialoge between the
two… as rape/murder investigators you shouldn’t be so flippant etc. I
didn’t mind it so much, I thought Travolta had some great lines and the
zingers he put in there were just him being him I thought. The story was
disturbing I thought, as any movie about a gang rape will be. Great plot
twists and turns, and you don’t know whodunnit till right at the end (many
many false endings here, I loved that!). I don’t think it was as great as
say The Professional or something like that, but a good movie nontheless, if
you can handle the subject matter. I did feel like heckling a few times
though, but feared the wrath of the Big Guy Beside Me(tm).

Sillz made it here safe and alive, and Kethryvis made it home, also
safe and alive. Too bad they did it 4 days apart šŸ™‚ Oh well, there
is a big “meet the tim tam” BBQ that Iambe’s holding in a week and a
half or so and she’s going to try to make it back (Keth that is) for
that. I hope she does, she seems to really miss Canada (and who can
blame her!). Course, they are making Noah’s Ark jokes on the radio,
so I hope that the crappy weather (it was raining very hard today in
Vancouver, but not here thank the $DEITY) is gone by the time she gets
up here. We took Sillz to see Real Snow(tm) last week and she was
thrilled! Course, the snow was more like ice from a bunch left by the
side of the road by the snowplow up at Cyprus. Old crusty snow.
Hopefully we’ll get her up to some real good stuff soon though.

Canada Day! Thursday’s a holiday! Yay! Course this means I have time
to do things like get the car fixed, insured, pay BCMed, etc. The
pile of Stuff To Take My Money(tm) hasn’t decreased much lately
unfortunatly. Oh well… the thing that sucks is my trip to San Jose
/ LA is kinda based off of my 2nd bank account (the super secret
put-only-money-in one) and that’s going to go mostly toward car
insurance (as my main account is around $30 now I think). Things seem
to be going to be going a lot better at work though, so I
will be coming down. Be sure of that. There is far
too much down there to see and experience for me to miss out, no
matter what šŸ™‚

I’d hate to dissapoint the lasses from far away lands
you see.

Oh, and this entry is being done in EMACS (for win32 (stuck here doing
docs) no less). So to all those who mock me for trying to learn
something new: :P~

Tis a darn powerful little program anyway, “OS with a good editor
built in” jokes aside.

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