On orders from above (well, below geographically) I’m updating my
journal. Appolagies for the delay, this weekend had been mega-busy.
The beach trip on saturday (wow, going out into the big blue room) and
the resulting vegging on sunday due to my back’s burn (Note: tanning
oil does not protect you from the sun) were pretty cool.
Monday was a meet in the eve with celt and illiad and iambe and
roundtop and minupla and javajawa and sillz. And a very confused
waiter when Iambe told him “I like to be flogged” in response to “what
would you like to order”. Long story, probably best not to ask anyway
🙂 I’m sure it’ll be appearing on her column
sometime soon.

The vi(m) vs (X)Emacs article is coming along slowly. I was going to
do more work on it the afternoon (well, my afternoon was 5-7 or so as
I got up at 2 🙂 but I vegged a bit and played some Q3 (which I’d be
doing now if I didn’t have people downloading stuff from my ftp server
as I’m downloading stuff from elsewhere. Ie: 0 bandwidth.

It’ll get done though. Note that this is being written with XEmacs 🙂

Too all those who will be not only packing up but actually
moving across the country in like … a day, more good luck
and best wishes to them.

Now, it’s like, 3am and while I got a lot of sleep this weekend, I
have to get up in 4.5 hours to go to work. Cheers all.

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