Well thus ends labor day weekend. Theoretically the last weekend
before school starts again, the last long weekend of the summer, and
all that stuff.

Theoretically the long weekend where I got all my mod_perl stuff at least
started, and all sorts of other things done. Sadly though, I
sat on my ass for two of the three days and did pretty much nothing.
And I don’t feel a bit guilty about it!

Saturday night was possibly
the longest wedding I’ve ever been too. I won’t get into it, but
basically the wedding itself went quite fast, except for the 10 hour
(well it seemed like it) prayer/reading/analysis of some
quote/scripture/thingy, intermixed with useless anecdotes about the
couple (which I, as a guest of a cousin, knew nothing about). That
was long. The reception was nice, but again,
long. They had a bunch of good ideas, all of which I’ve seen
employed at one time or another in other weddings I’ve been to. A
slide show, skits, song, prayer, speeches, etc. The bad part was that
they used all of them. One or two – ok. More than
that – not ok. Got it? At least during the wedding ceremony there
were a lot of prayers so I got to put my head down and catch a bit of
shut eye without anyone seeing… falling asleep in one’s plate in a
banquet hall (a nice one I might add, out at a golf course in
haney/pitt meadows) would most likely be noticed.

So yea, I got some movies watched (well, on tv) and a lot of writing
done, and another little project I’ve been working on finally all
wrapped up. Maybe I’ll throw some of it online, I’m debating the
(metaphorical) wrapping though. Black on grey for a web page is just
so 1990 though you know?

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