And now I must rant. In searching for some quick link to give you
with a reference from whence these pictures came, I came across this site, the homepage of John
Williams Waterhouse, painter of The Lady of
Shallot (on boat)
, La Belle Dame
Sans Merci
, and some other really awsome stuff. The site has
poems attached to some of the paintings as well, which are very
appropriate and quite awsome.

The actual painting that I put in place of the Lady of Shallot one was
by Edmond
Blair Leighton
, and is entitled God
. Hmm…. just found another version of La
Bell Dame Sans Merci
, this time by Sir
Frank Dicksee
. Good stuff.

Ok, that’s all done now. Twas a long day. Replacing a server was
neither “quick” nor “fun”, and finding that the problems that kept me
there for the extra time was a bad ethernet card did not in anyway
improve my mood. Neither did forgetting to grab /etc/group and
/etc/password from their old system. Neither did forgetting to grab
/etc/shadow while grabbing /etc/group and /etc/password. And then the
drive home… well, lets not talk about the drive home k?


Argh! More changes! I was just informed that the bg pic I used on the
aformentioned poem was of the Lady of Shallot, who kills herself.
This is not what I wanted to say. So I’m working now
on a new background for it, with a similar look.

About 1 hour after the last entry was uploaded…

Minor change in the title graphic. Do you know how hard it is to find
pictures of daisies on the web? Nice one here

About 2 hours after the last entry was uploaded…

Ok, I found some nice wrapping. Head here to see it.
This an other attempts at creativity of course are available from the
poetry page. Apologies for the huge
background, but who knows who is surfing at 1280… It
should be ok I think though.

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