Again, a long, long day, and it’s only 5pm so it’s far from over. My
morning started not too long after my night last night ended, with the
alarm across the room exploding at me. Following this was a lovely 3
hour trip to the dentist. Yeap, from 8 to almost 11 I was scraped,
frozen, prodded, vacuumed, ground and a host of other things I’d like
to forget. My jaw is still sore from being open for so long, and
especially with some strange man’s hands in it, pushing and prodding
my teeth. I had 4 (I think) fillings replaced and some final cleaning
work done. All told… $500+. I’m glad I waited till I was back at
full pay to go… eek!

I will say somethings for the modern dentist’s office though… they
have some cool stuff. In this case, TVs mounted in the ceiling.
Kinda nice to listen to CMT (or giggle to myself at yet another show
where Sally Jesse Rafiel sends bad teens to jail to teach them a
lesson) while I’m having bits of me ground out. The check up and
cleaning procedure is different too. Voice activated dental programs
and stuff so that while they are doing things they just say “cavity,
molar 23c” and it shows up in your record. Course, this means they
have the notes about bugging me to get my bottom wisdom teeth out in
there too (great…. just what I need… I think I’ll wait a while on
that to spare both the pain (I’ve heard horror stories) and the
expense). At least while they were doing my fillings they had a
triangular chunk of plastic in my mouth so I didn’t have to keep my
mouth open by myself.

The reason of course for the 3 hour visit was to eliminate as much
time off as I could (better to take a morning off than try to get 2
afternoons or whatever off). And since they wanted me in once for
each side, it was nice to get them all done at once. Course, this
also meant freezing both sides of my jaw, not a fun experience either,
so take note.

It’s worn off now, but that only means my jaw gets to be sore instead
of numb 🙂

Follow that by a slow work day. Yippee… when the boss gets back
though we’ll be doing some cool perl/oracle stuff (I think) in the
time after when I make up for the 2 hours I lost this morning (course,
if he offers to let me go home I’m certainly not going to complain!).

So all in all it was a … well, it was a day. I’m not
really bitching though, honest. Just giving you people a
(hopefully) semi-interesting story to chew on.

I’m going to work on
getting more sleep tonight though, there’s an FVLUG meeting tomorrow.

Hmm… I hear our salesperson (whom I just got using the GIMP for
win32 (too bad it’s on a 256 color display)) bashing on his keyboard,
I suppose I should go check to see what’s going on.