“It’s 5 am and the late late show is over…”

Ok, so it’s only 2am, but still. Got out of the LUG meeting (and
after-meeting… ie: nachos over at the pub with the boys) late and by
the time I got home, did my laundry, and got around to updating,
finishing up etc it was already late enough I had no chance of getting
the 8 hours of sleep that I was hoping for, and will have to deal with
the 5 or so I’ll get between now and getting up in the morning to do

I did an install for work this afternoon evening, and it sucked.
Normally these things are semi ok, but this time a combination of
ethernet cards coming up in the wrong order, cables, bad faxes and
putting IP addresses wrong the “quick” install turned into a 3 hour
ordeal. And the person there was all bitchy-like and had to leave at
5 or something (she was there till 6 cause she couldn’t leave with me
in there (ha!)). When we finally got it working I didn’t have time to
set things up on a client machine and do training so guess who gets to
wander into Surrey first thing tomorrow. Been a while since I’ve had
rush-hour to deal with though, so I guess it’ll be a matter of
re-education or something. Getting home was nice after that though,
mad people in rush hour trying to kill me aside.

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