Well the weekend is upon us.

It is?

I got home from work tonight at 1:30 (that would be now). Well, ok,
so I was only at work till 11:30, and stopped by a friend’s on the way
home but that’s not the point! In a funny and probably quite sick way
I had a good time tonight. Just sitting and coding cool stuff,
munching on some pizza (going for a run tomorrow morning to make up
for that health discretion) and chatting with friends. Course,
tomorrow I’ll be doing the same thing, having offered to work on a
Saturday (we have a big project due on Monday that has to get

But there’s lots of other things to do. I got home and found my
credit card bill and my cell phone bill (neither of which I opened,
not having the strength at this time to handle it), 2 bags of garbage
smelling up the place (I’ll be taking those out tomorrow on the way to
my run), cats with no cat food (to be got after the run), and a room
that hasn’t been cleaned or used as anything other than a place to
sleep and type for the last week or so. I don’t think the vacuum
cleaner is working either (I could be wrong) but this place is in need
of it (and why does roomie* not do that instead of sitting on
their asses in front of mindless game-shows during the

But I digress.

I hope that the others out there, that would be my faithful readers,
are getting out and relaxing, partying it up if you
need to unwind, sleeping if you are tired, getting better if you are
ill, or not working if you’ve been working too hard. I won’t be, but
hey, I slave for you 🙂

Head to ufies.org too, I’ll be sticking
some cool links and stuffs up there tonight after I hit save here
(well, C-x C-s actually, but whose counting?).

Well I hear cats fighting so that must be my queue….

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