Well I can’t vouch for his choice of imiitation, but my buddy raskal
has a journal page up that looks remarkably similar to this (note it’s
addition to the header). His page seems to be more full of things
like NT slamming and network and user stuff, not the boring angst that
I slam out here. Course this way I get to keep an eye on him as
well… <g>

This site is (still) heading for a redesign sometime soon. I’ve
decided to keep the same format, all togeather and not split off by
day, but the look of it will be changed (RSN, honest).

Ok, besides work this weekend Alan, what did you do? Hmm… good
question. Went for a work out, a ride, and vegged a lot. I suppose
the sole productive thing that was done this weekend were two new
wallpapers featuring Trinity, from The Matrix. I stuck them up
at my wallpaper

I’ll get the other stuff that I’ve been meaning to do done soon,
honest. This includes upgrading the ufies.org box with new hard drives (thanks
Rob!) and memory (thanks Fred!).

Well, there’s a lot more to be done but first there’s that sleep thing
to do…