So much for my brilliant plan of going to bed at a decent hour. After
the upgrade of the server I went out for a coffee with a friend and
chatted till late at night (apparently I am an easy-to-talk-to-person
or something). A long drive home and now I finally get around to
email and updating and stuff. But on the bright side, tomorrow night
is Friday (whoho!). Course my idea of a rockin’ Friday night is
getting a chance to veg out on the couch for a few hours, or spend
some quality time with a book. Now whether or not I’ll get a chance
to do that tomorrow night is another question….

When I got in tonight I (for once) didn’t go to the computer first and
check email/icq… instead I went to the bathroom to take a piss, as
sipping on iced teas for 3 hours in Boston Pizza is hard on the
bladder. Too much information maybe? I thought so. I eat well
today, so tomorrow night will be started off with a run, to make up
for having both lunch and dinner (and tomorrow’s lunch will probably
be home brought, as I bought both lunch and dinner today).

Didn’t I say I was going to bed? Yes, I belive I did. I need a white
board though. My desk is far too messy, and I think a white board
hanging the back of my door would be good, somthing to write down todo
lists, projects, ideas, designs and stuff. Having it right there (and
not written on a piece of paper buried in my piles of other paper)
in front of my face would maybe get me more motivated to do the cool
stuff I want to do. That and having your own white board would be
neat 🙂 Maybe I’ll look at lunch tomorrow at staples or whatever.

Ok, now I’m really going.

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