Welp, another weekend of not relaxing and doing nothing or not
relaxing and getting stuff done, but oh well.

First of all I picked up my white board today. It has replaced my
Java 1.1 class hierarchy poster behind the door (stupid door is too
solid to bash the little nails into 🙁 ). It’s even being used! I
have my UFies Todo, Life Todo, and Projects lists all written down
there. So now I have no need to keep everything that I need to do
and all the stuff I want to do in my falliable brain, instead
it sits on the wall! Now if I pay more attention to it there is
another question 🙂

I’m heading out early tomorrow morning to go down to Seattle for
visiting a friend of mine, the devel lead on the Time City project (and our
neighbors at LWE). (We’re also going down for a secret
surprise thing, but I can’t say more right here)
. It’ll be
nice to get away, even if it means getting up in … gah… 6 hours.
So much for sleeping in eh? And packing? What is that again? Sure
it’s only for a night, but I still have to grab sleeping bag etc. Oh
well, twill all be done in good enough time I guess.

There seems like there is something else I was going to rant about,
but I think that sleep is more important (as always) now.

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