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Been pretty busy lately, I’ve not finished the DC Update! (soon to have it’s
own page). So here it is:

Basically the show was about knowing good and evil (wow, what a surprise with
a lead in like the one I talked about). Eve gives Dawson the Practice SAT
answers and he has to decide what to do. He brings them to his friends and
they discuss a bit, and then are interrupted. Having to leave the envelope
they return later to find it gone. Eeek! So who took them!? A “I’ll leave my
locker unlocked and whoever can just return them anonymously” doesn’t work,
and it’s figured (and probably rightly so than no fellow classmates outside
the group would steal an unmarked brown envelope.

Talking to Dawson Eve says she knows who it is… “the person you just thought
about”. Apparently Dawson was talking about his best friend Pacey, as he goes
to confront him and guilt trip him. Not a great plan as Pacey’s pissed drunk
from a night of angst as Andie has just returned everything he ever gave her
(“even the memories?” “especially those”…. ouch! that’s gotta hurt!). So
they argue, throw a few insults back and forth and then duke it out like men
should do when arguing. The end result is moot however, he didn’t take it.
Dawson goes back and tells Eve that now he’s gotten to know her he doesn’t
really like her. I still want to know where she came from and what
she wants with him! She looks mildly annoyed/confused when he walks away from
her though (good boy Dawson).

In the end though the thief is the one that had the most to lose. Joey,
needing to get a scholorship/award/whatever is seen marking the answers down
quite quickly. She stops, looks around, and then opens the book of questions.

Deep eh?

There’s also some stuff with the guy who owns the resturant she works at
wanting to take her out, and I for some reason think that she and Pacey are
going to get togeather, but that’s just me.

Till next week…

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