Ok, so it’s midnight and I’m still up. But as soon as this is done I’m
down, I promise.

People are really stupid you know. I had a guy wander into #userfriendly and started a
conversation with “asl?” (“Age, Sex, Location?”, the mating call of
horny little weenies everywhere looking for some girl to say they are
naked or something).

That was his first mistake. There were more.

Of course I had it logging and the results can be seen here. It’s amusing I can tell you (though there is
some profanity.

This all happened in the midst of a guy from the other floor coming
and asking me about stuff, and talking about his lack of ability to
find a job and how he’s having problems in the Bosses class, and if he
could get help on it. And talking my hear off for 30 min or more.
And asking me to get him a job at work even though he has 0 experience
with the stuff we need people for. I’ll ask the boss though. Hehe.

Now sleep.