Well it’s early morn and alls well, I think. Well, except for the fact that
our new transparent proxy seems to use disk space in a BIG way. Fsck. While
I write this I’m waiting for a du -s to finish and it’s not… gads…

Went out last night with Iambe
for some pool and was met later by Iambro (whom I whipped in at least one game
with an awsome bank shot on the 8… that felt good). This being tuesday
morning you all know what it means. Yes, that’s right, my degredation into a
soapaholic with another Dawson’s Creek spoiler. Course, as per usual I only
watched the first 30 min or so before work this morning, so that’s all your

Well it would seem that Dawson’s virginity is in question now. Thousands of
teenage girls are now wondering if their perfect haired fantasy has been
deflowered. They’ll no doubt look at him differently and ask themselves if
he’s the same Dawson Leary that they once knew. (gads, sometimes I can’t
write the shit I write without cracking up).

Now I’m not saying it happened, all I know is the show started with him and
Eve on his bed, having a movie night, him saying that “it’s movie night, we
watch movies” “but can we have sex afterwards?” “<stutter>well I’m not
ruling out that possibility</stutter>”. Then she said she liked TV, he
didn’t, camera moves over them as they lie down in bed togeather as he says
that tv sucks cause they always cut to commercial at the good parts…

Cut to commerical.


So maybe they did, maybe they didn’t. I’m glad it’s not a focal point anyway,
as that would be tiresome IMHO, and it’s been done before (lord knows on this
show enough). The ironic part of this sequence is that it touched on the
whole Garden of Eden Eve thing. At the beginning she gives Dawson an apple and
tells him that biting of it will bring him the knowledge of good and evil….
and hands him SAT answers. So I’m guessing this’ll be to see if he will use
them or not, or probably (as all our characters are good and pure and moral)
get in trouble. Last bit I saw he plopped said answers down in front of the
gang and they were like “are those what I think they are?”.

Some other bits with Pacey and his X and a bit of bitterness (I still have
hope that he’ll forgive her) and Joey’s jelousy of losing Dawson to the
sexpot… I mean Eve.

What oh what conclusions will be found to this continuing drama? Keep en eye
out to here for when I finish watching the show…

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