Two mistakes, and so close togeather!

Now I’m not perfect, nor even close to it. But two mistakes…. aieee! The
first one is that in my previous Dawson’s Creek update… at the end when I
said it was Joey who stole the PSAT answers…. oops, it was Andy…
Andy McFee, who cheated on her BF Pacey with some guy at the rehab center, who
returned everything she had ever been given to him (“Even the memories?”
“Especially the memories”), had stolen the notes. I guess it was my lusting
after Katie Holmes (Joey Potter) that made me see her everywhere, including
the last scene of last weeks episode.

The second mistake was to do an ‘ifconfig eth0:0 down’ last night, proving
once again that you shouldn’t do system maintenance when you’re tired. Tom @
paralynx rebooted me though (thanks dude) and we’re back up and running (with
smail running again! whoho!).

Here’s a teaser from what I saw this morning…

Jack’s little football friend, whom I at first thought was gay, is still
lusting after Jen… and some cheerleading function has (or is) going to lead
her to be “auctioned” off in a pep-ralley type thing. This’ll cause her to
give the winner of the auction a kiss. Can you see where this is going? I
think you can. Also, Joey and Pacey are hanging out more it seems… I’m not
sure where that is going or if it’s good should it go that way. I
could be wrong though. No sign of Eve yet this episode either (hmm….). Ok,
enough till I finish watching it.