Quote of the day:

<Scutter> i’m going as a BSOD. i’m gonna wear all blue and refuse to leave the
house or do anything else.

Quote of the day 2:

<HomeySan> me dressing as britney spears? I’d spend the entire evening trying
to fuck myself =-)

Well, DC ended not that interestingly from a development standpoint. Dawson
and his dad fought and made up, Joey’s helping Pacey with his new (POS) boat,
and Andy thought she was caught for cheating but wasn’t. I suspect that it’ll
eat her up though, losing Pacey really hurt her. Oh, the football weenie got
to kiss Jen, after spending $500. Wow… that’s impressive. It wasn’t even a
really great looking kiss. Tender yes, but not that long. And his feet
didn’t lift off the ground.

Tonight I’m going home. I’m going to go for a run, have a shower, and then
sit my ass in front of the tv or computer till 10 and watch tv or code. Then
I’m going to bed. I’ve found that when your head crashes into the desk at
work due to over tiredness it’s bad. Course, the night before was Sillz’s
goodbye dinner (nice to see everyone out again) and the non-stop pop was well,
non-stop. After that I was up cleaing up mail and so on.
Mucho thanks to T for amusing me till 2am (people on the
night shift rock).

Argh. Sleep will be nice. Also wouldn’t mind finding the time to hack some
XFMail code, should I ever have time.
Be nice to get back into C again.

Oh! Trips trips trips! I’m going to be heading up to Edmonton to escape
reality a bit with Darren up at his place. Figure I’ll take the day off I
have coming to me and the thursday off for Remembrance Day and take a little
holiday. And with my work I think I have a week coming to me of holidays this
year. Now I’ll either use those to join my parents in hawaii in feb (they are
back btw, safe and sound and jet lagged as hell) or maybe take a couple days
off and visit friends in California. Have to see how that goes. Nice to get
out of the rain sometime though (not that edmonton is better with it’s 6′ of
snow or whatever they have now (ok, so I’m not totally correct on the

Lunchtime I think, or at least, time to eat lunch. My work here is going
well.. I can’t tell you what on of course, but it’s working again (yay!). The
bosses are currently scrapping it out in a closed door meeting so I’m all
alone to eat my bagels. Maybe I’ll go in there later and clean the blood off
the walls.