Chris Carter Puked in My Face Last Night

Or at least that’s what it felt like. His steaming bowl of X-Files felt like
a slap to the tenderbits in it’s absolute lack of cohesion, sense, and
compliance to the trailers. The trailers for this show (the only reason I
watched) make it look like a bunch of stuff is answered and (maybe) we find
out WTF happened to Mulder. But no, a series of disjoined flashbacks, teases,
and soap-oprea-facial-fades left me with no clue of what is going on.
All you know is that Scully is still preggers, and not much more. No clue if
Mulder is the doner. Maybe the father? (There is a difference). Did
lady-she-tried-to-save have a real child, or an alien baby? Who knows? All I
can say at this point is I hope that Carter can finish up the series with at
least some degree of finality and certainty. If he ends the entire x years of
X-Files with a big “?” I will personally go out and… well, think really mean
thoughts about him anyway. Personlly I’m much more excited about The Lone
series which will start march 4 (jot that one down in your
dayplanners!). At least I hope it’ll be a standard serial type story, where
they get something to do at the start of each show, and then finish it at the
end (with maybe a 2-parter or 2 for new seasons). If they do do a
season-encompassing conspiricy theory, I hope they realize that it looses it’s
audience after about 7 seasons, if you don’t give people more to bite on than
more questions about what the hell is going on.

Thought for the Day: ARGH!!!!!!!!!!! Why can’t people comment
their code?!?!?!? If I could find the guy who coded beepage I would write him
a long list of reasons why you should at least put a little one liner for
functions (such as queue_check() ) so others (that’d be me) don’t have to
waste precious time figuring out the nuances of what the hell it does!