My Last Few Days Here

Yup, that’s right, this wednesday I’ll be flying out [insert hand motions
here] with A to Hawaii for my first holiday in ages. Of course, deadlines have
slipped a bit at work so now I’m leaving in the midst of the end of final
preparations (for sure this time). All I know is that I’ll be chained to my
desk for the next little while. It’ll be worth it though. Most of the code
is going well, my actual contributions are in two or three small areas, which
should be able to be tested and written off as “Done” by the time I

Preparations here for this are absolutely minimul. Except for getting tickets
and passports and stuff, all I really have to do is get myself a swimsuit
before Wednesday. I was thinking of one of those speedo style, skintight fit
ones…. waddya think? 🙂 No, I thought not.

So what else is going on? Well, I’m just downloading the latest WFA files so I can
do a bit of online fraggin’, and after that I plan to upgrade my phpnuke site to the latest version. Sometime I’ll have to find
time to actually take advantage of all the cool new features…. maybe play
with the layout and colors a bit more as well.