Life, Love, and Doritos

Long time no update. I’ve been meaning to for a while, collecting things each
day that I may want to write about and ramble to the masses at large. Alas,
each time I have time, I decided to do something more important, like sit on
my ass and do nothing, or sleep, or the like. However, tonight I find
opportunity to sit down for a few and recount my last few days.

Gas prices (my El Guapo) are still fluctuating rapidly. At one point Abby had
58.9 and Chilliwack had 68.9, and then the next day they swapped. I actually
saw 55.9 yesturday. Too bad I just filled up.

In my travels this weekend I ended up going through Maple Ridge, and it was on
a beautiful day. I passed by the
. They looked awsome. I decided that this summer I
will hike to the top. I did it in grade 9, and decided that
it’s been too long since I’ve gone hiking/camping. It’ll suck, and I’m sure
that I’ll be cursing the whole way up, but I will do it. Not sure if I’ll go
alone or not. Last time I went I went with Fred, Shaun, Drew and John. I
still remember some of the things that happened, like John bringing up a HUGE
blanket and cans of chili in a mini-cooler in his pack. Stuff like that.
Maybe when I go it’ll be like a religious experience, getting back to nature
thing. Not sure. I’m sure Brad will go with me if I ask though 🙂

I got my RRSPs done last week as well. It was a relief to get it all worked
out finally. Sucked to see my account take the hit, but alas, I hope that it
shall be re-infused at the time of my refund! Well, hoping anyway. One day I
really should set up a budget or something huh? Sometime soon…. course,
that was supposed to be this weekend, but maybe now that HellMonth+1 is almost
semi-over (or not) I’ll have an evening or two to sit in front of gnumeric and work it out.

Played a lot of quake this weekend as well. Till 3am last night. I kicked
ass too 🙂 Only thing that really sucks is when a server is set up
so that it always has a certain number of players, and when not enough human
players are there, it supplements bots. You find a nice full server, with a
low ping, and find the players are mynx, orbb, etc. Hard to saw how I really
was, but I came out on top a hell of a lot.

Tig came over Saturday night with doritos, iced tea, and two of the cheesiest
movies ever: The Big Hit and Godzilla, King of the Monsters!
All I can say is “oh my.”

Oh, and a sidenote. The Practice, and Boston Public (two of the only shows I
consider worth watching anymore) are doing a crossover. Dude who is friend of
dude who was doing the student got fired, and he’s hiring the chick from The
Practice to get him his job back (notice how I don’t actually pay attention to
the little details, like names and stuff). The Practice episode is almost
over, and was pretty good. Only problem is that if he wins (I’m sure he will,
I can’t see them getting rid of two characters that easily (though I liked
Milton, and am not sure if he’s really gone)) what happens when he goes back
to his job. I wonder how you go back to work with people you attacked in a