Cold Deoderant Helps Me Wake Up with a “AIEEE!”

Another dream last night, after a decent amount of sleep. Actually, overall
yesturday sucked not as much as it could have. I went off to see Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon with
tig, foz, and engel, had dinner (I do have meatballs!),
and watched my sunday night lineup of TV. Probably more than I watch during
the week…. and God bless Matt Groening for showing 3 men being gang-raped by
14 foot tall amazonian women on Futurama! XFiles didn’t
totally suck, and on the Practice that guy who was in trouble got off (I
only follow it wht half an ear).

That means I’m almost ready to start a week of work. For anyone counting,
that’s 2 weeks and 2 days left before heading to the tropical goodness of
Hawaii! But I’m not counting (honest).

My dream last night involved climbing, a white spot, and two of my friends.
I’d get into it but I have to head out to that work place to do that code
stuff. Well, I have 5 min or so so why not?

Me, Engel and Iambe went across the river to go to white spot. When we got
there the resturant was up on top of a big hill, so Iambe grabbed this big
rope that was laid out and started climbing, while Engel belayed (well, hauled
the rope in from his side anyway. Somehow (and looking back I’m not sure how
this happened), the rope got away from engel and he let go. Seeing as Iambe
was going up, the rope was trailing above her and around a tree or something
at the top and then back down to the bottom, I’m not sure how it got away,
but that’s what dreams are for right? So he looked confused and I jumped up
the hill (small cliff) and climbed for a couple of feet and grabbed theend of
the line, helping Iambe get up to the top safe. After that I was woken up by
the melodious sound of my alarm clock, coaxing me out of bed.

Figured out why my backup alarm was waking me up 10 or so minutes late….
it’s amazing what’ll happen when your time is off by ten minutes.

Eeek! There’s Engel going to his car now! Gotta jet!