If you could go back, would you?

This mornin was a slow morning to get up, probably partially by the fact I got
to sleep so early (11:19pm is the last time I saw on my clock). It also
caused more weird dreams.

I was in the public library in Maple Ridge, beside Rogers video. Wandering
around in there I saw a couple of people who I thought I recognized from
school (Krista was the first). I ignored them and made sure they didn’t see
me just yet. After a bit I went to the main shelves and was looking at some
posters or something in the bottom shelf. Returning from I noticed one or two
more of the old Garibaldi gang (Jason… not H, but another one, with long
blonde hair… was one of them) all standing around in a circle. Looked like
a bunch of them had met up and were shooting the shit. I wandered towards
them and a girl recognized me and came towards me to greet me, and then kneed
me in the balls (not that hard, more of a tap with her knee than anything). I
hammed it up a bit, and then started talking to them.

After a bit they dispersed, or something, and I left the library. When I got
outside I realized I’d forgotten to check out a book, and took it and popped
it down the return book slot. I then went back to the parking lot (above
ground, multi level) and looked for my car. In doing so I met up with some
wierd guy who I don’t think I know. I sort of said near him “Now I just have
to remember at which entrance I left my car.” He walked near/with me, not
sure which, as I randomly squeezed my alarm remote, hoping to hear my car beep
at me.

Somehow I made it to another library, and lost the weird guy. In this library
I found my old elementry school principle, Mr. A… don’t remember his full
name. He looked a bit like Klinger from M.A.S.H. though. We walked up the
narrow stairs to the elevator down, where I waited for him to hit the button
or move so I could squeeze by and hit the button. I started talking
to him and asking how he was, etc etc. and then were a couple of uncomfortable
silences (I asked him how his family was and he said something to the effect
of “they were in chains when they came over…. I don’t want to talk about
it.” Very weird. So he’s giving me his phone number (he’s a private eye as
well as a librarian) on the back of a plastic bag he found in the fridge and I
gave him some paper that would work better for him. He wrote something like
“get away, danger” on the paper. I think that’s about the time my alarm went
off (again).