Fridge Code is COOOOL!

Price of gas lastwednesday: 60.9

Price of gas saturday: 56.9 (I filled up)

Price of gas monday: 56.9

Price of gas tuesday morning: 56.9 (I topped up)

Price of gas tuesday evening: 68.9

Does anyone else see something wrong with the above? Yes, I’ve bitched about
it before, and I’ll bitch about it again. Raising gas prices $0.12 in a day
is a bad thing, because it pisses me off. Raise them that much in a week, or
month, hey, thats life, but in a fucking day? I remember when the price of
gas would move maybe a cent or two during the course of a day. 53.9
to 54.9 was not uncommon. Now jumping more than ten cents!? That’s the
difference between a small anal probe and vasaline and a baseball bat wrapped
in barbed wire with no lube and no warning.

End of rant (for now).