“I come here to cry”

I’m not sure how this weekend has gone. On one hand, it was great… on
another, it was bad, in another, it could have been much worse. On saturday
Joker from work (the scuba guy) arranged paintball for a bunch of people from
work. It was pretty nice (though I pity BarqMulch (with the stinger above),
the weather was just perfect, not to hot, cold, or wet. We played a bunch of
games and while I don’t know offhand how many people I shot, or how many
games my team won, but I do know I had a blast. Nailed Cuv pretty good too ๐Ÿ™‚

Sunday was spent cleaning up the house. Firefly and her mom have been around
putting up shelves like mad, and completely re-arranging my life to meet their
own cruel whim. Horrible people. When I become an Evil Overlord
I’ll get myself some midget henchmen to prevent this.

Today along with the cleaning, I’ve been feeling pretty crappy. Stuffed up
and sneezing anyway. I’m not sure if I should stay home from work tomorrow or
not. On one hand, I’m not all that bad, I feel bad, but not bad enough to
prevent me from working or driving or anything. On the other hand, feeling
stuffed up and sick (cold-like) just sucks and spreading (another)
illness around the office. Bah. Guess I’ll see how I feel tomorrow morning
when Engel starts banging on my door at 8am ๐Ÿ™‚

Bah, need to do some shopping too.

Been playing around with Windows 2000 a bit as well, but in VMWare. Only today did someone (Dragon) tell me how to do it ๐Ÿ™‚ Course,
Dragon suggested something that I tried and (thought) failed. Of course, now
I’ve actually gone through the install it’s possible it’ll work this time,
soon as I have time (RSN).

You know those ads for cheese where they have someone do something really
weird to someone buying cheese (ie: taking their block of chedder from them
while they are in line at the checkout)? Well, if someone did that to me I’d
punch them I think.