I sbill hab a code

Took yesterday off, was feeling like death warmed over. Well, I actually
worked from home (got a bunch done too) as not to sneeze over everyone in the
office. Other than work, I didn’t do a whole bunch, other than a quick
shopping trip.

There is a very article (PDF) about using
LISP as a competative advantage.

About a third of the way through Speaker for the Dead. Awsome book!

Had another weird dream last night. I don’t remember it all of course, but I
know I was downloading books off the internet, but they were physical books,
not something you download to the computer. I was also living/sleeping in my
parents spare bathroom, and in the next room there was some guy who came into
my “room” and just dumped a bunch of stuff. The rest of the night/dream I
spent screaming at him “Why the hell did you do that!?” I
think I ended up cleaning it up and throwing it all over the floor of his
room, but I can’t be certain.

I finally have a line on getting my second monitor fixed. Seems that the
weenie up the road (who said it’d be about $40 and real fast) who has kept it
since December can’t get the part he needs. Gee, thanks for telling
me this buddy, or returning my calls. Ass. Anyway, I finally called around
some dealerships, and after a few calls I found a dealership in Richmond. Now
all I have to do is get proof of purchase (<crossed fingers>) and get
the thing down to richmond. A week later (in theory) all is well. Again,
fingers crossed.

Also finally got my taxes done. Mucho thanks to our financial lady here at
work who did them for me (not sure what to get her in return, she did it free,
but maybe a gift cert or something?) and got me mucho $$ back. Course, that’s
enough to pay back my parents for the money I borrowed from them to get the
RRSPs that got me the big $$ back.

Ever think that all this planning for the future might be for naught? I mean,
people spend countless hours and money investing, putting money away, and
doing their best to secure their income in the future, or at least, making
sure that they don’t have to work at a McDonalds when they’re 85 to be able to
pay for their adult diapers. What if the stock market completely crashes?
What if money becomes useless (ie: the Star Trek universe(tm) where there is
no money, poverty, or want)? What if there is a Dark Angel type senario where
something goes “bing” and suddenly all the electricity dissapears? Someone
tried that in a movie, GoldenEye
IIRC, wiping out a countries economy by using an EMP to erase all their
computers, stock records, etc. Suddenly what everyone worries about (or
should worry about) at least once a year becomes pointless.

Makes me wonder if the people who don’t have RRSPs and so forth are the fools
I thought them to be or not 🙂