Now I Know What it Feels Like to be Regurgitated

Ok, so not all my pleasure comes from standing and sitting. I just
recieve a call from Sprint Canada, which
(and I’m so glad my wits were with me), in the spirit of Tom Mabe, went something like this:

Sprint: Hi there this is [someone] calling from sprint
canada, and how are you today?

Arc: Just fine thankyou.

S: I’m calling today to see if maybe we can help you lower
your phone bill.

A: Ok, sure.

S: When do you do most of your long distance calling Mr. Arcterex?

A: Not really… most of the numbers I call are porn lines,
you know, the 1-900 numbers?

S: I’m sorry, the which lines?

A: Porn lines, you know, the phone sex numbers.

S: Oh, I see. Do you do any other long distance?

A: Not really. Do you have a plan that will cover the sex

S: Well I don’t know, I’ll see if we have anything that will
cover those numbers.

A: If you could that’d be great, it’s costing me five or six
hundred dollars a month now.

S: Please hold sir and I’ll find out for you.

S: I’m sorry sir, those numbers generally come from the
states and are at a fixed rate, so you’re stuck with the $1.99 or $2.99 a
call, or minute.

A: Oh gee, that’s too bad.

S: I’m sorry sir. If your calling habits change in the next while
please let us know and we’ll be able to help you out.

A: [ in a super cheerful voice ] Well, if my sex-change operation comes through in the next
while they certainly will!

S: That’s ni… … …ce sir [ muffled laugh ] have a nice

A: Good bye.

And they say politeness never got you anywhere.


Home again today. Felt like crap all day yesturday at work. I thought I was
feeling better, and I probably was in the morning, but as the day progressed I
sneezed more, was more congested, and had more and more of a desire to die.
Watched The Mummy last night up
at Iambe’s with my box of Kleenex(tm)(c)(r) held close. I hope I didn’t
sneeze on Fozbaca too much.

If I had felt better this morning I would have done the work thing, but the
following schedule convinced me that staying home was a good idea:

  • 10:45pm(ish) – go to bed
  • 1:50am – wake up
  • 4:50am – wake up
  • 5:10am – give up lying in bed and trying to get nose
    unplugged, get up and read more of Speaker…
  • 8:00am(ish) – feel good enough to drag myself to the
    computer and sit down and start working

It’s really sad when my only joy in life (currently) is the one or two
minutes of relatively clear breathing I get in between sitting/lying/standing.
Guess mucas is as susseptable to gravity as everything else.

This sentance was typed standing up.

And this one sitting down.

Mmm….. tea…..